FAQ for Level 4
Q: Are there any specific requirements in order to join Level 4?
A: You must have completed Levels 1, 2, and 3 in order to sign up for Level 4.

Q: What labs will be taught in this class?
A: We will be teaching the following labs in Level 4:
  • 3X4 Genetics
  • GPL Toxin testing
  • Cyrex Labs
  • Vibrant America
  • Additional lab markers via Labcorp

Q: I'm an international students and don't have access to these labs. Will I still be able to take the class?
A: Yes, you may still take the class. But you will not be able to fully participate in all of the lessons, since these labs are a big part of the curriculum.

Q: What if class sells out before I can sign up?
A: We know you've all been excited to sign up for this class! If you can't sign up before we sell out, we'll add you to our waitlist. You'll get first dibs on class registration - one week before general registration opens.

Q: What if I can't sign up now? Can I secure my spot for a later class?
A: Yes. We offer Level 4 twice a year: in March and in September. Email us for more details if you're interested in taking the class later.

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