The Art & Science of Clinical Mastery
The Art and Science of Clinical Mastery

A 15-Week Online, Instructor-led
Certification Program for
Qualified Health Professionals

  • Genomics in Clinical Practice: Identify and manage genetic polymorphisms
  • Biotoxins and Deep Detoxification: Learn how to identify and support elimination of the biotoxins that affect many clients, including mold and mycotoxins, heavy metals, and chemicals 
  • The Autoimmune Phenomenon: Driving factors, assessment, nutritional management, and beyond
  • The Optimal Brain: Development, function, aging, trauma and imbalances
 Next class starts August 29, 2023
Do you have the skills needed to treat
today’s complex cases?
The tools you’ve learned up until this point - how to optimize gut health, the role hormones play in your clients’ healing, and how to interpret blood chemistry panels to inform protocols - are invaluable. Unfortunately, this isn’t always enough. 

Today’s clients demand more of you. And, with good reason:

  • They’ve often seen dozens of health professionals before finally finding their way to you
  • They’ve endured years or, for some, decades of debilitating symptoms 
  • They’ve spent thousands of dollars trying the latest trend, diet, or supplement hoping that this time things will turn out different for them

Up until this point, they haven’t had anyone equipped with the skills needed to help them piece their puzzle together. You can be that person for them.
Future-proof the health of your practice
and the health of your clients
The Art & Science of Clinical Mastery equips you with the master-level skills and confidence you need to improve the lives of your sickest clients.

In less than 15 weeks, you’ll:

  • Gain access to the advanced strategies and tools you need to deliver life-changing results
  • Grow your business by offering more comprehensive care 
  • Earn the title of Master Restorative Wellness Practitioner
Feedback from our
Master Restorative Wellness Practitioners
Marilyn Harder

"I initially jumped into Restorative Wellness Solutions to help heal my own body. I was diagnosed with Lupus and I've been trying to just intuitively navigate it - for me, this has been a journey. Now, here in Level 4, I feel like I have a really rich, incredible roadmap to help me navigate the next phase of my healing journey."
Anne Dobbertin

"I think we tend to look for clients that match our abilities. Since I've been in this course, I'm coming across more and more people for whom toxicity is a barrier to their healing. Now I'm more aware of these potential issues and am finally able to take a targeted approach. You gave me the tools to accept and help heal the most challenging client cases rather than shy away."
Marnie Lawler

"There are several people I worked with in the past but we never actually got to the core of the issues. I knew about the things we learned in Level 4, but didn't know how to address them with clients. Having the testing, notes, and case studies you shared in Level 4 makes me feel more confident that I can go back to those clients and help them resolve the root cause of their issues."
What You'll Learn: 
A deep dive into how our genes affect and influence our physiology and health, how our diet and lifestyle affect the expression of our genetic makeup, how to work most effectively with genetic testing to provide valuable clinical insights and guide your decision-making with clients. 
What to do with your toxin-sick clients. We are all surrounded by biotoxins, including mold and mycotoxins, chemicals, and heavy metals. Knowing how to identify a toxic burden, and then detoxify and support these clients is a crucial skill in today’s nutritional practice.
How the immune system can go awry and lead to autoimmune disease, along with the multiple triggers and mechanisms involved in this phenomenon. We'll explore how and when to test for autoimmunity, and how to build healing protocols that help our clients to move into remission and stay there. 
The integral workings of the brain. From dementia to depression, from anxiety to a stroke, brain function can be dramatically impacted in vastly different ways. We’ll probe the depths of neurological function, learn how to identify underlying factors, explore assessments for dysfunction, and discuss strategies for supporting the neurologically challenged client.
For our last module, we'll pull all of these various strategies and advanced tools together in a module dedicated to additional case studies that explore the deep interconnection between genetics, detoxification, autoimmune and brain health.
The Art and Science of Clinical Mastery  
What's Included In This 15-Week Certification?
8 Core Training Modules
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12 Live Q&A Coaching Calls
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1-on-1 relationship with your designated instructor
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24/7 Access to Instructor Team
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Healing Solutions Master List 
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Access to Dozens of Case Studies
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Complete your RWS certification and earn our highest designation: Master Restorative Wellness Practitioner
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BONUS: One FREE year of 3x4 Clinical Guide 
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View the FAQ for Level 4 here!
  • Introduction and explanation of the different testing options for assessing genomics, biotoxins, autoimmune conditions, and the brain, including when to use each

Genomics in Clinical Nutrition - Anatomy and Physiology
  • A detailed understanding of how genetics work in human physiology
  • Learn the key concepts of genetic expression and what factors control this expression
  • Understand the powerful role epigenetics plays in determining genetic expression and health outcomes

Genomics in Clinical Nutrition - Testing and Case Studies
  • Considerations for when to utilize genetic testing
  • Discover various types of genetic testing and which is most valuable in a clinical nutrition practice
  • Learn how to interpret and apply genetic data
  • Understand how to use genetic testing in conjunction with other functional tests to optimize diet, supplement, and lifestyle protocols
  • Case studies 

Biotoxin Illness and Deep Detoxification
  • Learn the sourcing of biotoxins, including mold and mycotoxins, heavy metals, and chemicals. 
  • Discover how to uncover the sources of biotoxins
  • Understand how biotoxins sequester in the body and cause health issues
  • Learn the phases of liver detoxification and kidney excretion and how bio toxins are processed and eliminated 
  • Mitochondrial structure and function
  • Learn the common co-illnesses and pathologies that commonly accompany biotoxins

Biotoxin Illness and Deep Detoxification - Testing and Case Studies
  • Learn the tests that can help identify biotoxins and when to order them
  • Thorough interpretation of mold and mycotoxins testing, heavy metals testing, and chemical testing
  • The RWS 6-step process
  • How to support a client when they discover mold and mycotoxins in their home
  • Learn to create high-customized healing protocols when biotoxins are an issue
  • Case Studies

The Autoimmune Phenomenon - Anatomy and Physiology
  • Define and understand autoimmunity and the mechanisms that drive the process
  • Learn how immune system dysregulation can lead to an autoimmune process
  • Understand the different between the medical and the functional approach to addressing autoimmune disease, and how the two can work together

The Autoimmune Phenomenon - Testing, Healing Solutions and Case Studies
  • Explore the RWS approach to autoimmune disease
  • Understand the tests that can help guide your process in supporting autoimmune clients
  • Learn how to order and interpret tests
  • Learn how to build powerful,  comprehensive healing protocols to help clients get into remission and stay there as long as possible
  • Case studies

Neurology - Anatomy & Physiology
  • Understand the vast and complex anatomy and function of the brain
  • Learn the role of neurotransmitters
  • Discover the myriad of factors that can cause the brain to dysregulate
  • Learn what happens to the brain with neurological disorders, including headaches, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, depression and anxiety, traumatic brain injury, and more.

Neurology - Testing, Healing Solutions and Case Studies
  • Learn testing methods that can identify brain imbalances and track progress
  • Understand how to order and interpret brain testing
  • Discover powerful protocols to support brain plasticity, arrest degeneration, and support function
  • Case studies of neurologically-challenged clients

Putting it All Together
  • Three powerful and complex case studies utilizing multiple tests covered in the course
Crack even the most challenging client cases
Our clients are sicker than ever before, which means their path to healing is more complex than ever before. As a Master Restorative Wellness Practitioner, you’ll have the tools you need to make a lasting impact on your clients’ lives - now and into the future.
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